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We all know this hasn't been a normal spring and summer in Clark County. Many community events were postponed or canceled. Health guidelines changed the way we lived and interacted. But C-TRAN has operated through it all, maintaining an essential service to keep Clark County moving every day. From the C-TRAN Instagram feed, check out a few sights from a most unusual season:

Starting in April, C-TRAN joined other community partners in a series of tributes to essential workers in our community during the statewide stay-home order. Our Clark County-themed bus joined this rolling salute in front of a local Fred Meyer store.


By August, this same bus was out on a different special assignment: Operator training for two new Bus on Shoulder corridors on Interstate 5 and Interstate 205.


There are two C-TRAN buses in this photo. Can you spot them?


Seeing double.


Our vehicles are kept looking pristine in the bus yard when they're not out in service.


Route 32 rolls through downtown Vancouver past the Academy, one of the city's most recognizable historic buildings.


Route 80 this year began serving Northeast 51st Circle, home to numerous employers including the C-TRAN Administration office.


Wildfire smoke brought poor air quality and gloomy skies in early September. 
Thursday, July 15, 2021
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