Any lost item that is found on C-TRAN buses will be sent to C-TRAN’s Lost Found. Items may be available approximately one day after it has been lost. If you think you left an item on the bus, please call (360) 695-0123. You will need to provide us a description of the item. If we have it we'll provide further instructions on how you can be reunited with your property.  

C-TRAN is not responsible for lost items, but does its best to reunite people with their property. Lost items are kept for 7 days only. After that, items are donated to recognized local charities.

Bicycles found on buses or at transit centers are held for one week in a secured area at C-TRAN’s main facility. Unclaimed bicycles are donated accordingly. When claiming a bike, first call and speak with us prior to making the trip to ensure your bike has been turned in.

No employee of C-TRAN can lay claim to a customer’s personal property for any reason.

Lost & Found Pick up Hours:

Lost and found is available Monday through Friday from 10:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. and closed weekends and holidays. Customers must call first to check on their lost item prior to picking it up.

How to Claim your Lost Item:

Call the Lost & Found Customer Service Office at (360) 695-0123 and press 3. If a Customer Service Representative does not answer the call, leave a message with a description of the item you lost along with your name and phone number. If an item is found that meets your description a Customer Service Representative will call you.