C-TRAN is committed to providing safe, reliable, efficient mobility choices. Good passenger and public relations are a very important part of each employee’s duties. Employees are expected to be courteous, cordial, and accommodating to all passengers and the general public. Receiving feedback is a critical measure of our success and essential to improving C-TRAN services. The citizen comment policy has been established to ensure that ciizens and riders are able to provide feedback to C-TRAN.

  1. Contacting C-TRAN: Riders and the general public can contact C-TRAN in the following ways: In person, by telephone, by FAX, by e-mail or by mail. Interpreter services are available for the public that speak languages other than English.
  2. Initial Comment Review Process: All comments will be referred to the appropriate C-TRAN manager based on area of responsibility and nature of the complaint.
  3. Comment Acknowledgment: Anyone who submits a comment, complaint, or service suggestion to C-TRAN shall receive acknowledgment within seven (7) business days. If a response is requested, a response will be provided within ten (10) business days of receipt of comment.
  4. Citizen Appeals Process: Any person who is dissatisfied with the response they receive from C-TRAN is welcome to appeal using the following process. Appeal responses shall be in the format requested (i.e. written, verbal, e-mail, and/or alternative or accessible format.)
    • Step 1: Citizen—Within 10 business days of receiving a response, the citizen may submit in writing to the Director of Operations a detailed explanation of why the response received was unsatisfactory.
      C-TRAN Director of Operations—Investigate and respond to appeal submitted, within seven business days.
    • Step 2: Citizen—If not resolved to citizen’s satisfaction, citizen may appeal the Director of Operations response by submitting an appeal in writing to the Executive Director/CEO within seven business days.
      Executive Director/CEO—The Executive Director/CEO will investigate and respond in writing, within seven business days, to those appealing the Director of Operations decisions.
  5. Information about Policy: Information about the Citizen Comment Policy, including how to submit a complaint, will be available to riders:
    • When customers are approved for ADA paratransit service.
    • When customers are re-evaluated for ADA Paratransit service or if customers have permanent eligibility, every three years.
    • On comment cards available on all transportation vehicles.
    • At the administration building and all passenger service offices.
    • On the website.
  6. Reporting: C-TRAN shall compile a monthly summary of citizen comments for the C-TRAN Board, staff, and employees for use in reviewing and evaluating service.
  7. Tracking: C-TRAN shall maintain a tracking system for all feedback from citizens that provides a unique identification of each citizen communication and allows ready access to information on the status of the comment at any time.
  8. Protection from Retribution: Customers of C-TRAN should be able to submit feedback without fear of retribution from the agency. If a rider feels like they are being treated unfairly in response to feedback that they provided, they should contact the Executive Director/CEO or designee. C-TRAN will appropriately discipline any employee that retaliates against a customer.