The C-TRAN Board of Directors typically meets the second Tuesday of each month at C-TRAN's administrative offices, 10600 NE 51st Circle, Vancouver, WA 98682. Meetings begin at 5:30 p.m. and are open to the public. Meeting times and locations are subject to change.

Comments For Agenda And Non-Agenda Items

Citizens may address the Board on any agenda-related item during “Citizen Communications”. Those wishing to do so must complete a Public Comment form available at the meeting. When the Chair calls your name, come forward to the table and state your name and address for the record.

Length of Comments Or Testimony

Please observe the time limit of three minutes.

Written Comments

If you would prefer to submit written comments for any agenda item, you may do so. Submitting comments prior to the meeting: Please provide the Clerk of the Board the written comments no later than noon the day of the meeting by e-mail to debbiej@c-tran.org or by fax at (360) 696-1602. If you wish to submit comments at the meeting, please provide a minimum of 13 copies of the written comments.

Questions Regarding C-TRAN Board Meetings

Questions regarding C-TRAN Board of Directors meetings and agendas can be directed to the Clerk of the Board Debbie Jermann at (360) 906-7303 or Deputy Clerk of the Board Morgan Stubbe at (360) 906-7304.