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The Current is C-TRAN’s new, on-demand rideshare service that provides door-to-door service for just the cost of a bus ride. Schedule your ride online or through our mobile app, then track your driver’s arrival, just like other rideshare services. You can also schedule by calling 360-695-0123. Download Frequently Asked Questions.

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Riding The Current is Easy!


Fares on The Current can be paid using the Hop Fastpass system or with cash.





*costs shown are per ride

Tips for Riding

  • Be on time. Your ride booking will provide an estimated pick-up time. We advise you to reach your pick-up point 5 minutes before your pick-up window. As it gets closer to the time of your ride, we will send you an updated ETA. You will also receive a notification when your vehicle has arrived. Updates are sent via SMS and The Current app. You always have the option to use the mobile app to track your vehicle’s location in real-time as it comes to pick you up. As a courtesy to your co-riders, the driver will only wait for up to 2 minutes.
  • Schedule drop-off times. When you have an appointment that requires you to arrive by a certain time, schedule your trip with a drop-off time rather than a pick-up time, for example, “I need to be dropped off by 3 p.m.”
  • Plan ahead. If your ride is scheduled during heavy-traffic times or on days with bad weather in the forecast, schedule extra time into your trip. View the status of your trip and make changes in the app, online or by calling C-TRAN at 360-695-0123.
  • Cancel early. When you book a ride with The Current you are making a commitment to the system and the driver as a schedule is created to accommodate your trip. If you are not able to take the ride, we advise you to cancel as soon as possible. You can cancel your trip in the app, online or by calling 360-695-0123. When calling, please provide your name, phone number, and the date and time of the trip you wish to cancel. Recurring “no-shows” may result in a temporary suspension of your account.
  • Go mobile. On your mobile phone, download The Current app by selecting “Download in the App Store” or “Get it on Google Play.” You’ll be able to find The Current app on your home screen for future use.

Contact C-TRAN Customer Service at 360-695-0123 or
email at

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Service Zones and Hours

WSU Vancouver/Salmon Creek

  • New zone provides direct connections to WSU Vancouver, medical facilities, Clark County Fairgrounds, iTech Preparatory School, new housing, 99th Street Transit Center and Salmon Creek Park & Ride.
  • Hours: 5:30 AM–7:00 PM, weekdays.

Rose Village

  • Transitions the Rose Village Connector service into The Current service.
  • Connections provided to select downtown Vancouver stops.
  • Hours: 5:30 AM–7:00 PM, weekdays.


  • Service area expands to include all of Camas and Washougal, and transitions from Connector service to The Current service.
  • Connections provided to Fisher’s Landing Transit Center for easier transfer opportunities to points beyond.
  • Hours: 5:30 AM–7:00 PM, weekdays.

The Port of Vancouver

  • New zone provides service to the Port of Vancouver and surrounding industrial area, west of the Vancouver rail yard and train station.
  • Provides flexible service to Vancouver Amtrak and Clark County Jail Work Center.
  • Allows connections to select downtown stops to facilitate transfers to other routes.
  • Hours: 5:30–8:30 AM and 2–6 PM, weekdays.

Ridgefield/La Center

  • Transitions the Ridgefield and LaCenter Connector service areas into areas served by The Current.
  • Provides connections to Junction Park & Ride from both service areas.
  • Hours: 5:30 AM–7:00 PM, weekdays.