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Fall looks good on you, Clark County. As we head toward the end of autum and into 2019, here are some of our favorite sights from the season. Like what you see? Check out C-TRAN on Instagram at @ctranvancouver.


Thousands of people came to check out Vancouver's latest view when the new Waterfront opened to the public in late September.


fall colors
The fall colors came out in force along Mill Plain Boulevard, on Route 37.


A colorful sunset at Fisher's Landing Transit Center.


It wasn't all sunshine and bright colors. But most Northwest residents don't mind seeing this, either.


spider web
An appropriate Halloween sight on Route 25.


morning fog
C-TRAN driver Matt Bonney captured this photo of morning fog at the Vancouver Mall Transit Center.


In November, C-TRAN received the first of two new 60-foot articulated buses we're adding to our fleet. These beauties will start rolling on Express routes to Portland, likely starting in January.
Wednesday, December 11, 2019
The Clark County Green Business program recently welcomed C-TRAN as its newest member, recognizing our efforts to reduce our – and your – environmental impact. We’re thrilled and honored to become a...
Tuesday, November 19, 2019
When the region’s Bus on Shoulder pilot project began back in 2017 , it allowed C-TRAN buses to bypass rush hour traffic by driving on the shoulder of State Route 14 between 164th Avenue and...

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