For Mike, the commute to Portland has evolved over the years. First, he carpooled. Then he drove alone. Then he switched to public transportation about 12 years ago. Last year, he added cycling to the mix.

“Now I go without the car. I generally ride from home—it’s a couple of miles to Fisher’s Landing Transit Center—take the bus across the river, and then ride across Portland to Swan Island.”

Mike finds a certain satisfaction in leap-frogging car traffic when he’s traveling by bike. And since he started cycling as part of a month-long challenge last year, it’s become a bigger part of his everyday life.

“I like it because it’s not just exercise, but it can be used as transportation. I can even run errands on bike; I have a bike trailer I can hitch if I really want to carry a lot of groceries. I’ll do that on occasion instead of driving to the grocery. I also enjoy running, so I try to strike a balance. That was also a reason to continue with relying on transit for part of the commute was basically to leave something in the tank for running. Some people can do all of the above, but it’s relatively new to me.”