portrait of Meredith

Art, Meredith says, is the love of her life.

Meredith has studied art since age 8, and she’s been a gallery artist for 30 years. She has a fine-arts degree. She has sold paintings over the years, but like many artists, found it difficult to rely on for financial security. She worked office jobs to supplement that income, she says.

More recently, Meredith has found a way to combine her passion and her job. She works at Aurora Gallery, the oldest art gallery in downtown Vancouver.

“Now I finally get to implement my degree and my education in a financially stable job that allows me to help other artists and showcase my work and every day just be a part of the art world, which I really appreciate,” Meredith says.

“Twenty-five years ago when I started out with my (degree), I had no idea what I was going to branch off and do. So it’s nice to be able to come full circle.”