portrait of Glenn

For Glenn, love of the outdoors is more than a hobby. It's a passion and a career: He's one of the founders of Columbia Land Trust, a nonprofit conservation organization he continues to lead as executive director.

It's a passion he's held since he was growing up in New York state.

"My family, we went hiking, backpacking, spent a lot of time outdoors since I was a kid," Glenn says. "And I came out here to the Northwest in part because I just knew its reputation for being such a beautiful place."

It was a land trust colleague who got Glenn and others to shift to a car-free commute about five years ago. Glenn found his way to a combination of bicycling and transit to travel between Portland and Vancouver each day. Today, he says, "it's a real disappointment if I have to drive."

"My quality of life is way up. I'm not getting aggravated sitting on the freeway in heavy traffic. I can just sit quietly, or I can do some work."