portrait of Bryan

Bryan is a recent arrival to the Northwest, having moved here for work. He still refers to the Washington, D.C. area as home.

In time, that may change.

“I’ve been here for three weeks, and I think this is the most amazing place I’ve ever moved. The people are awesome. The city itself is awesome. Vancouver to me is like … it’s quaint, but it’s still big and lively like there’s stuff going on. And I just can’t get over how nice people are here.”

He adds: “I think this might be the place where I can actually put down some roots.”

Coming from the East Coast, Bryan says he’s blown away by how friendly people are in the Northwest. He’s impressed by how reliable and clean the bus system is. He’s even found himself acting differently—more relaxed, more patient, his stress level down.

“There’s something about this area that truly just brings out the best in me.”