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  • Mucho thanks to the drivers of the 8:05 AM and 8:30 AM route 164’s—you guys rock! And thanks for occasionally holding the bus for a few extra seconds when I’m running for it! Sorry, don’t know your names, but you’re much appreciated!
  • Greg on bus 2180 has always been great and I totally appreciate everything you do for all your people! You rock Greg!
  • I don’t know their names but I want to thank all the Express bus drivers for routes 105 and 199. I’ve been commuting since 2002 and relying on them for peace of mind and safe journeys to and from the office from Hazel Dell to downtown Portland. Thankful for each and every one of them for allowing me to sleep, read, be on a conference call, or just zone out on their buses while they do the hard work driving in rush hour traffic. Very thankful.
  • Randy gives a little bit of his strength to others so they won’t feel embarrassed or nervous riding the bus, it is called kindness. He also sings good and is very cute!
  • I would like to thank many drivers who helped out with the community of Clark County and getting me where I need to go from point A to point B. I love the service and how they’re working hard. I appreciate for you all for being nice in the community and keep up the great work. I love how you all have a heart to serve others. Thank you!
  • Thank you for taking us where we need to go. And I would like to thank a couple of my regular drivers for saying ‘hello’ every time i get on. It brightens up my mornings.
  • Every Saturday night I ride the bus 60 and the driver is very kind and always helps us out—particularly a blind lady. She always parks her bus, helps her off and helps her catch bus 37. She is a beautiful soul.
  • Thank you all. I live in Portland and my daughter lives in Vancouver. So I have gotten a good sampling of both systems and I must say, you drivers over there are always much more considerate overall. Some of the drivers in Portland are courteous, but some are down right obnoxious, and that doesn’t help anybody. In fact, it can sometimes create unnecessary stress and poor outcomes of certain situations. Thank you for keeping your cool, guys, I am never nervous when I’m riding C-TRAN!!
  • I just want to thank all the C-VAN drivers for taking me to work every morning. They are all very nice.
  • I have been commuting on C-TRAN for over seven years. At first I was just taking the bus because I could get a discounted pass through Clark College, but as I used the system more and more, I made the decision to keep commuting that way even after I graduated. Now I’m in my first full-time job (which also pays for my bus pass!) and happily commuting by bus almost every day. My trip is long (it takes me about an hour and a half each way) and my transfers are many (3) but thanks to the wonderful bus drivers, the ride is smooth and worry-free. I can kick back, listen to a podcast, and relax. Would I like a shorter commute? Yes. Am I going to stop riding the bus and get myself a car? NO! Thank you C-TRAN drivers! You have saved me so many headaches, gallons of gas, insurance payments, and road rage. I wouldn’t be able to be as successful in my life if I didn’t have access to reliable public transportation. Thank you! Thank you times infinity!
  • Thank you both (am/pm) for bravely battling the evil commute! All with pleasant and courteous attitudes! And somehow managing to keep the schedule. Thanks again guys!
  • While I do greatly miss the interactions with the bus drivers I used to have when riding route 3, I appreciate all drivers and the work they do. We are able to go to work, stores, see family, recreate and basically get from point A to point B safely due to their commitment and skill. My vehicle did not survive the move to Vancouver from across the United States, and I did not get a replacement as I found the drivers to be friendly, informative, and welcoming to a city I had never been to before. Thank you for all you do!
  • The lady that drives bus number 60 on Saturdays is always so happy and you can tell she loves her job. She hands out gloves to homeless which is so nice of her.
  • Thank you all. I live in Portland and my daughter lives in Vancouver. So I have gotten a good sampling of both systems and I must say, your drivers over there are always much more considerate overall. Thank you for keeping your cool, guys. I am never nervous when I’m riding C-TRAN!
  • I thank all my drivers and wish them a SAFE DAY as I get off the bus.
  • Thank you C-TRAN for celebrating your drivers. The drivers of C-TRAN are amazing, friendly, and helpful. I appreciate especially some old friends Vicki, Celene, from the 25, and new friends Bernie, Chris from the 71. Even a shout out to a retired driver Shirley.
  • Thanks for helping me try to figure out the new Hop system!
  • I ride the 37 on weekend evenings. The lady that drives at night sure is kind—she meets every passenger with hello hi or something makes us feel important. Also, she always tells each of us to enjoy the evening or have a blessed night. Sure feels good!
  • My hubby would like to give a shout-out to Dan on the 6 as well as Stacie a floater we met on the 6.
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