In May, the C-TRAN Board of Directors approved a series of service changes in an effort to better serve our community. The changes below would boost service on several routes, providing better frequency or reaching new areas—including a new route to Portland International Airport.

At the same time, we’re reinvesting service hours from other areas in our system. The community is changing, and we have to be able to change with it. To better serve Clark County now and into the future, we’re making the following changes. effective September 2019:

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The Vine: Schedule adjustments to improve transfer times
Download The Vine schedules here
Route 2: Discontinue Saturday service
Download Route 2 schedules here
Route 7: Schedule adjustments; improve frequency to every 60 minutes on Saturday and Sunday
Download Route 7 schedules here
Route 9: Discontinue Saturday service
Download Route 9 schedules here
Route 19: Schedule adjustments; improve frequency to every 30 minutes peak, 60 minutes off-peak on weekdays; drop last evening trip on Saturdays
Download Route 19 schedules here
Route 39: Discontinue route; replace with Rose Village Connector service.
Download Connector schedules here
Route 47: We are restructuring route to operate between Van Mall, Battle Ground and Yacolt.
Download Route 47 schedules here
Route 60: Schedule adjustments; put additional service on route to improve schedule reliability
Download Route 60 schedules here
Route 65: Schedule adjustments coinciding with introduction of new Route 67
Download Route 65 schedules here
Route 67 (view map): New route to provide service between Fisher’s Landing Transit Center and Portland International Airport (PDX), operating in early afternoon and late evening on weekdays.
Download Route 67 schedules here
Route 71 (view map): Extend route to Sixth Street in downtown Vancouver; schedule adjustments to improve frequency to every 15 minutes peak, 30 minutes off-peak.
Download Route 71 schedules here
Route 78: Schedule adjustments; improve frequency to every 30 minutes peak, 60 minutes off-peak on weekdays.
Download Route 78 schedules here
Route 80: Schedule adjustments; reduce frequency to every 60 minutes on weekends.
Download Route 80 schedules here
Route 92: Schedule adjustments; reduce frequency to every 60 minutes on Saturdays.
Download Route 92 schedules here

Overall, these changes represent an increase in total service hours in our system. C-TRAN will conduct extensive outreach as we get closer to implementation. All changes will take effect on Sunday, September 8.

Introducing the Rose Village Connector

Introducing C-TRAN's new Route 67