Vancover, WA: C-TRAN’s Fourth Plain Transit Improvement Project’s Corridor Advisory Committee (CAC) will meet on Wednesday, May 2 to recommend a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) to the C-TRAN Board of Directors. C-TRAN is considering Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) along with enhancements to existing service and a no-build option as alternatives. The meeting will start at 4:00 p.m. at C-TRAN’s Administrative Offices: 2425 NE 65th Avenue, Vancouver, WA.

Prior to recommending an LPA, members will receive an update on C-TRAN’s recent public outreach efforts, including business and residential surveys gathered by local high school students, online surveys, and project open houses. In addition, there will be an opportunity for public comment.

About the Fourth Plain Transit Improvement Project

With one out of every three C-TRAN riders using the Fourth Plain Blvd. corridor at some point on their trip, the Fourth Plain transit corridor has the highest transit ridership within C-TRAN’s system with over 6,000 daily trips. In recent years, travel by transit in the corridor has suffered with longer and more unpredictable travel times, delays caused by traffic congestion, bus overcrowding and difficulties getting to and from bus stops. C-TRAN is attempting to solve these problems through the Fourth Plain Transit Improvement Project. The project planning effort is funded by a Federal Transit Administration grant. Numerous options have been evaluated over the last several months. A final decision on the preferred alternative is expected by the C-TRAN Board of Directors in June 2012.

For more information on the Fourth Plain Transit Improvement Project please visit C-TRAN’s Web site at

Contact: Scott Patterson, Director, Development and Public Affairs • (360) 906-7306 Office • (360) 904-9638 Cell