Dial-a-ride and connecting service for La Center, Ridgefield, and Camas

C-TRAN's Connector provides the cities of Camas, La Center, and Ridgefield with fully accessible dial-a-ride (reservation based service) and scheduled stop service (no reservation required) at designated stops within the service areas. Rides are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. For transportation beyond the Connector service areas, passengers may transfer to C-VAN or other fixed route buses once they reach a transit center. Service hours and frequency vary from city to city, so please check the schedule for your specific area. Connector routes operate Monday through Friday only. No holiday Connector service is provided.

Download the Connector schedules and map here

Types of Ride Reservations:

  • Standing Reservation
    If you would like to be picked up at the same time and location on a consistent basis, you can make a standing ride reservation. Simply call your driver direct at the phone number listed for your city and ask them for a Standing Ride Request Form.
  • Same-Day Reservation
    To arrange a pick-up time on the same day that you call, the reservation must be made at least 90 minutes in advance of your desired pick-up time. Simply call your driver direct at the phone number listed for your city.

Driver-direct numbers for your area:

  • Camas: (360) 606-0277
  • Ridgefield: (360) 601-7252
  • La Center: (360) 601-5159

Note: All reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis. We regret that not all reservations may be accommodated due to lack of advanced notice and available capacity; therefore, we encourage our passengers to plan ahead as much as possible when scheduling.

Scheduled Stop Service–No Reservation Required

The Connector has designated times and locations within your area to pick up waiting passengers. Please check your area's schedule information for specific times and locations where you can board without a reservation.


Regular C-TRAN fares apply to The Connector service, including tickets and monthly passes. No cash fare discounts are honored.


If you do not need a ride you have reserved, please call to cancel as soon as possible, a minimum of one hour in advance of your pick-up time.

Snow Days

Weather and road conditions may force the cancellation of ride reservations, or limit the availability of Connector service in your area. If your ride is canceled and you still need a ride, please call the number for your area to talk directly with your driver.

  • Camas: (360) 606-0277
  • Ridgefield: (360) 601-7252
  • La Center: (360) 601-5159


The Connector does not operate on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.