• A “no-show” is established whenever a C-VAN passenger misses their scheduled pick-up without  canceling their ride 61 minutes or more before the scheduled pick up window.
  • C-VAN tracks No-Shows by quarters (January-March; April-June; July-September; October-December).
  • Review of No-Shows is limited to those calendar quarters.
  • Three No-Shows within a quarter triggers a warning letter.
  • If a customer has four or more retained No-Shows during a quarter, the passenger’s ride history will be reviewed to determine the percentage of no shows incurred during that time period. If the percentage of no shows is ten percent, or greater, a one week suspension will be scheduled to begin no earlier than thirty days later.
  • All suspensions will be limited to one week. No increasingly severe consequences will be incurred for additional No-Shows beyond the fourth.
  • At the end of each three-month quarter, each passenger’s accumulated No-Shows are purged from their record and a clean slate is reestablished.

Customers may appeal their no shows and/or suspension by using the appeal process outlined in the C-VAN Appeals Process flier. To request a copy, please call C-VAN at 360-695-8918.