C-VAN is C-TRAN's paratransit, reservation-based service for those with disabilities that prevent them from boarding or riding C-TRAN's accessible regular bus service. C-VAN service is available on the same days, during the same times, and in the same areas as non-commuter, regular bus service. Local fares are accepted to ride on C-VAN.

Disability and age do not automatically qualify you for C-VAN service. Eligibility for C-VAN is based on your functional ability to use a regular public transit bus; therefore, to ride C-VAN you must obtain and complete a pre-application questionnaire with one of the two following methods:

Online Paratransit Pre-Application Form

or download, print and return the PDF-based Paratransit Pre-Application Form.

Applicants who pass the initial screening will then be asked to complete a formal application and may also be required to participate in an in-person Functional Evaluation to determine current skills as they relate to riding a regular lift-equipped bus. Once these steps are complete, a decision will be delivered within twenty-one (21) days. For detailed C-VAN information, view C-VAN Fast Facts here.

Read the Paratransit Appeal Process here.

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Download a pdf of the C-VAN Rider's Handbook.

Play an audio reading of the C-VAN Rider's Handbook:



C-VAN How To Ride Videos

C-VAN 101: How to Ride
Reserving and Scheduling Rides
Rider Tips

Freedom to Choose

Becoming a C-VAN rider means you have more travel choices. Qualified C-VAN riders have the freedom to choose between fixed route buses or paratransit service whenever and how often they like, based on individual daily needs.

Because of the significant costs associated with providing paratransit service and because C-TRAN only charges each C-VAN rider the regular adult fare, significant costs are absorbed by the agency each year. In the end, these costs limit the amount and types of services we are able to offer everyone. Choosing to ride accessible fixed route buses, even once in a while, cuts costs and frees-up services for those who are 100% dependent on them.

Ride Reminder

Ride Reminder is C-VAN's automated phone service that automatically calls to let passengers know that their scheduled C-VAN ride is about to arrive; eliminating the potential for missed trips and helping keep the system on time by running more smoothly. In addition, Ride Reminder also provides 24/7 access to personal trip information and the ability to make personal ride cancellations all without having to wait on hold.

While a cell phone is not required to use Ride Reminder, it is the preferred method of contact so passengers can be reached anywhere that they may be waiting for their C-VAN ride. To get your custom ID and password, please call 360-695-8918. All information is confidential and secure.

C-VAN Service Area

C-VAN-Service-Area-2012-smallThe C-VAN service area consists of the urban growth boundary of Vancouver (as defined in 2005), and within 3/4 mile of C‑TRAN’s fixed route service in the cities of Battle Ground, Camas, and Washougal. Contact C-VAN at (360) 695-8918 to determine if your origin or destination(s) is within the C-VAN service area.


C-VAN Service Area Map


C-VAN No-Shows

  • A “no-show” is established whenever a C-VAN passenger misses their scheduled pick-up without  canceling their ride 61 minutes or more before the scheduled pick up window.
  • C-VAN tracks No-Shows by quarters (January-March; April-June; July-September; October-December).
  • Review of No-Shows is limited to those calendar quarters.
  • Three No-Shows within a quarter triggers a warning letter.
  • If a customer has four or more retained No-Shows during a quarter, the passenger’s ride history will be reviewed to determine the percentage of no shows incurred during that time period. If the percentage of no shows is ten percent, or greater, a one week suspension will be scheduled to begin no earlier than thirty days later.
  • All suspensions will be limited to one week. No increasingly severe consequences will be incurred for additional No-Shows beyond the fourth.
  • At the end of each three-month quarter, each passenger’s accumulated No-Shows are purged from their record and a clean slate is reestablished.

Customers may appeal their no shows and/or suspension by using the appeal process outlined in the C-VAN Appeals Process flier. To request a copy, please call C-VAN at (360) 695-8918.


Did you know that all C-TRAN buses are accessible? Each of our regular buses is equipped with a ramp or lift that enables anyone using a mobility device to board the vehicle. Every C-TRAN bus also has the ability to "kneel", allowing anyone who has difficulties stepping up to easily board the bus.

Plan Your Trip

If you are new to C-TRAN services—we can help. C-TRAN offers free trip planning assistance to anyone who calls (360) 695-0123 (TTY 360-695-9715). Free trip planning is also available on this website—just use the C-TRAN Trip Planner on our homepage!

Travel Training and Ambassador Programs

C-TRAN offers two great programs that are designed to help educate our Disabled and Senior passengers. Both programs increase knowledge and familiarity with our transit system. Learn more.

Wheelchair Securement

C-TRAN's Tether Strap Program for mobility aids.