We will remember 2020 as a challenging year, but also one of resilience. For so many, life changed seemingly overnight: Kitchen tables became offices and classrooms; small businesses, the lifeblood of our community, struggled to stay afloat; we masked up and kept our distance to keep our loved ones safe.

C-TRAN was not immune to these struggles. With people working and studying remotely, and so many following medical guidelines to shelter in place, our service required changes to remain a lifeline for those who need us most. Our buses and transit centers, always a source of pride for their safety and cleanliness, were given expanded attention in order to keep them thoroughly sanitized. Social distance needed to be maintained in normally close—and closed—quarters. And, of course, our staff faces the same challenges as others: navigating online learning with our kids, caring for aging parents and missing time with our family and friends—all while staying focused on keeping Clark County moving.

What has sustained us during these difficult days is our commitment to you: to the essential workers who catch our buses to get to work; to the paratransit customers who ride C-VAN to the doctor and the grocery store; to those who rely on C-TRAN as their sole means of transportation.

C-TRAN 2020 Board Chair Anne McEnerny

A banner that hangs in our administrative building reads: “When the world stood still, C-TRAN’s staff stood up.” And we will continue to stand up every day for citizens of the amazing community that we have the privilege to serve. To our passengers and partners who stood with us: Thank you. While it was not easy, we are so grateful for your patronage and your support. We look forward to working with you in 2021. After all, this is “Our Community, Our Promise.”

With gratitude,

Shawn M. Donaghy
Chief Executive Officer

Anne McEnerny-Ogle
C-TRAN Board Chair 2020