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The Burnt Bridge Creek Trail in Vancouver.

The holiday season is upon us, which means it is time to get ready for family visits - and of course lots and lots of delicious food. If you are staying in Clark County for the holidays and need a way to burn off those extra post-turkey and stuffing calories, look no further than these six easily accessible parks and trails that can be found along the following C-TRAN bus routes.

Burnt Bridge Creek Trail
Where: Multiple access points
By Bus: Routes 2, 25, 30, 31, 32, 39, The Vine
Description: You can walk, bike, or jog along this 8-mile stretch of a variety of grassland and wooded scenery through Vancouver. The Burnt Bridge Creek Trail stretches from NW Fruit Valley Road at NW Bernie Drive (Route 2) at its west end to NE Burton Road at 87th Avenue (Route 30) on the east end. There are several access points on other C-TRAN routes in between.
Salmon Creek Trail
Where: West trailhead near Salmon Creek Park and Felida Bridge at NW 36th Avenue
By Bus: Route 9
Description: Three miles long, this paved trail offers scenic views alongside Salmon Creek and nearby wetlands. You might even catch a sighting of deer, rabbits, or beavers.
Padden Parkway Trail
Where: NE Padden Parkway and NE 117th Avenue
By Bus: Routes 7, 72
Description: A little over 5 miles, this asphalt trail that runs parallel to Padden Parkway is great for biking. You can also connect to the Padden Parkway trail near Padden Parkway and NE 78th Street, along Route 72.
Esther Short Park
Where:  605 Esther St., Vancouver
By Bus: The Vine, among many others into downtown Vancouver.
Description: The oldest public square in the state of Washington, offering a playground, walking-paths, water feature and often hosting concerts and other activities.
Fisher Basin Park
Where:  SE 192nd Ave., Vancouver
By Bus: Route 37
Description: This 12-acre community park offers tennis courts, sports fields, playground, picnic shelter, and a huge open lawn area.
Kate and Clarence Lalonde Neighborhood Park
Where: 4608 NE 99th St., Vancouver
By Bus: Route 25
Description: At Lalonde Neighborhood Park you can enjoy a basketball court, picnic tables, and play equipment.

There are many more outdoor destinations on C-TRAN routes. C-TRAN challenges you to get out and explore during the holidays! Travel by transit, and you might even find something unexpected. You can find a map of Vancouver-area parks and trails here

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