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Clark County looked like its stunning self this winter, which included a late-season shot of snow in February. Below are some of our favorite sights from the entire season. For more, check out C-TRAN on Instagram at  @ctranvancouver.

sunrise A picture-perfect fall day at Office with a view.


fishers landing Fisher's Landing Transit Center from above.


snow 3 Fire and ice.


snow 2 When snow starts falling, we work around the clock to keep Clark County moving.


vine anniversary On January 9, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the launch of The Vine, the region's first bus rapid transit system. In its first year of operation, The Vine saw a 45 percent increase in ridership on the Fourth Plain corridor it serves.


night shift Working the night shift in Maintenance


snow 1A snowy sunrise on Fourth Plain Boulevard.

windowThrough the looking glass.

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