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Here are some of our favorite sights from July and August, which included plenty of summer events and hazy skies. For more, check out C-TRAN on Instagram at @ctranvancouver.

sunrise We rise early to start the first runs of the day.


Broadway Going Places


drawing C-TRAN rider Deven Weber sent this incredible drawing (yes, that’s a drawing) of a C-TRAN bus in action.


bus booth Our trusty bus booth was set up at this year’s Clark County Fair for all 10 days of Summer’s Best Party. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us!


vine tunes The James Powers Trio was among the musicians who performed during Vine Tunes, C-TRAN’s concert series on wheels. Passengers on The Vine enjoyed live music on The Vine every Friday in August.


mural Present and past.


academyThe Academy is one of Vancouver’s most historic and most recognizable buildings. Opened in 1873 by Mother Joseph, The Academy building is now on the National Register of Historic Places.

hazeEven before the Eagle Creek Fire in the Columbia River Gorge, smoke and haze blanketed the region for much of August due to other wildfires in the region.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
When a child with special needs went missing this summer, it was the quick thinking of a C-TRAN bus driver that helped reunite him with his family. On Monday, Colby and his family said thank you to...
Friday, September 22, 2017
It’s just after 3 p.m., and the first wave of Express buses has left C-TRAN headquarters, headed toward downtown Portland. It’s raining outside. Bonnie Woodring looks up at a large screen displaying...

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