September 10 Service Change Updates

In September 2017, C-TRAN will adjust several routes and schedules as part of our ongoing effort to provide better service. Express riders in particular will notice schedule changes that aim to better reflect travel times and offer more predictability. Those and other changes will affect the following routes, effective September 10:

Route 7 Battle Ground
Minor realignment to avoid intersection at Fourth Plain Boulevard and Northeast 117th Avenue.
Download #7 map & schedules

Route 41 SR 14 Limited
Changing name to Route 41 SR 14; will function as a Local route. No other changes.
Download #41 map & schedules

Route 47 Battle Ground Limited
Will no longer serve Delta Park, but instead travel only from Yacolt and Battle Ground to downtown Vancouver in the morning, then downtown Vancouver to Battle Ground and Yacolt in the evening. Changing name to Route 47 Battle Ground/Yacolt, will function as a Local route.
Download #47 map & schedules

Route 60 Delta Park Limited
Schedule adjustments to improve connections to and transfers with MAX, weekdays only. Changing name to Route 60 Delta Park Regional; will function as a Regional route.
Download #60 map & schedules

Route 65 Parkrose Limited
Will add two additional trips between Fisher’s Landing Transit Center and Parkrose Transit Center in the evening. The last departure from Parkrose will be 8:25 p.m., weekdays only. Changing name to Route 65 Parkrose Regional; will function as a Regional route.
Download #65 map & schedules

Route 73 Van Mall Loop
Minor schedule adjustments.
Download #73 map & schedules

Route 74 East Fourth Plain
Route extended to Northeast 162nd Avenue and Ward Road; minor schedule adjustments.
Download #74 map & schedules

Route 105 I-5 Express
Four morning trips removed; schedule adjustments.
Download #105 map & schedules

Route 134 Salmon Creek Express
First southbound morning trip no longer a combo; one morning trip removed; schedule adjustments.
Download #134 map & schedules

Route 164 Fisher’s Landing Express
Two morning trips added, six “reverse commute” trips removed, and two peak trips removed; schedule adjustments.
Download #164 map & schedules

Route 177 Evergreen Express
Schedule adjustments.
Download #177 map & schedules

Route 190 Marquam Hill Express
Second afternoon trip from Marquam Hill will start at 3:50 p.m.; other schedule adjustments.
Download #190 map & schedules

Route 199 99th Street Express
5:25 a.m. southbound trip added; one trip removed; schedule adjustments.
Download #199 map & schedules

Opportunity Knocks for Area Middle and Senior High Schoolers

The Youth Opportunity Pass is now available for all middle and senior high schoolers enrolled in Vancouver, Evergreen, Battle Ground, Camas and Washougal school districts. Valued at over $300, the Youth Opportunity Pass is absolutely free to any student who wishes to have one; no restrictions apply.

The pass offers all participating students unlimited access to C-TRAN Local service starting September 1, 2017, through August 31, 2018. It does not offer access to any service that crosses to Portland, or paratransit service.

Students enrolled in Vancouver or Evergreen school districts are also eligible for free access to Firstenburg and Marshall/Luepke community centers during non-school hours. See these locations for enrollment details after you receive your sticker. Community center access is not available to students in Battle Ground, Camas or Washougal school districts.

To get a Youth Opportunity Pass, simply visit your school and ask for the consent form, which requires the signature of a parent or guardian. Once completed, the school will issue a sticker that goes on the front of a school-issued ASB card. Forms can also be downloaded from C-TRAN’s website at

Don’t let opportunity pass you by!

Hop Fastpass™ is Here! So Are Android, Apple and Samsung Payments

Better ways to pay your transit fare are finally here. Get your free Hop card (a $3 value at retail outlets) at Van Mall or Fisher’s Landing customer service offices. You can also choose to simply pay your fare with Android, Apple or Samsung payment apps using your smartphone. Using your smartphone is convenient, but it won’t give you all the benefits of the Hop card. To learn more about Hop or how to use your smartphone on transit, please visit

Use up your unused passes If you have any unused day passes or punch cards, remember to use them up by the end of this year. That's when C-TRAN will no longer accept these types of fare instruments.

You Are Here Logo

It’s said that everybody has a story. We want to hear yours.

Later this month, C-TRAN is launching a new campaign to highlight some of the many people who use transit in this community. We’re calling it You Are Here. We want to capture the faces and personalities on the bus in a way that lets them tell their own stories. That means portraits of people in their element, and a chance to say what drives you. We’re building a public collection of photos and quotes we hope will inspire and offer a collective snapshot of what makes us human. What makes us Clark County.

Let’s make one thing clear: This isn’t about us. It’s about you. Transit brings people together every day, but it doesn’t define who they are. Our goal is to create a unique cross-section of people as varied as the place we call home.

C-TRAN is working with local photographer Jake Thompson on this project. Interested in participating? Contact Jake directly at (360) 567-9801.