Get Your Hop...FAST!

For a limited time, C-TRAN is giving away free Hop Fastpass™ cards at both the Van Mall and Fisher’s Landing transit center locations. Normally these cards sell for $3 each, but C-TRAN is giving them away in an effort to make the transition away from paper passes and tickets a bit easier.

Once you have a card, riders can load money onto it with value ranging from as little at $5 all the way up to $250. Once it’s loaded, riders can just tap and go; Hop does the rest including giving you the best value for the day and month. To learn more about Hop and all its great benefits, including lost card protection, please visit

Holiday Service Levels and Office Hours

Christmas Day and New Year’s Day: On Monday, December 25 and again on Monday, January 1, all C-TRAN service will operate on Sunday/Holiday schedules. If your bus doesn’t normally operate on Sundays, it will not provide service on either of these days. C-TRAN’s Administration Building will be closed, along with both Customer Service offices located at Van Mall and Fisher’s Landing, but our Call Center will be open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm on both days.

For questions or trip planning assistance, please contact our Call Center at (360) 695-0123 or visit C-TRAN wishes you and yours the happiest of holiday seasons!

Paper Pass Sales Ending

All paper pass sales have come to an end at Fred Meyer and Safeway stores. You can still buy a paper monthly pass from C-TRAN’s Van Mall and Fisher’s Landing Transit Center Customer Service offices until January 19, 2018. After that, you must use a Hop Fastpass or cash to ride. This change does not affect C-VAN riders or our Reduced fare customers who can still purchase paper passes directly from C-TRAN Customer Service.

FREE Rides New Year’s Eve on The Vine and Route 60

C-TRAN is providing free service on The Vine and Route 60, starting at 6:00 pm on New Year’s Eve until the end of the service day. Both routes will operate according to their Sunday schedules. C-TRAN is encouraging everyone to consider taking the bus, or using alternative forms of transportation when celebrating the New Year! For questions or trip planning assistance, please contact the C-TRAN Call Center at (360) 695-0123 or visit

Be happy! Be merry! Be safe!