Starting Sunday, January 6, some routes serving Fisher's Landing Transit Center will be relocated to different bus bays on the platform at the transit center. The new arrangement will be as follows:

Fishers Boarding Map 2019 01 400

Routes 80 and 41 will move from the south side of the platform to the north side. Route 164 will move from the north side of the transit center to the south side, and C-VAN will move closer to the Customer Service office but remain on the north side of the platform. The Connector will stop at the turnaround in the north parking lot adjacent to the facility. The location of Routes 30, 37, 65 and 92 will not change. The adjustments are being made to better accommodate riders of each route, including C-VAN riders, and to make room for the 60-foot articulated buses that will begin operating on Route 164 in January.

Additional signs on the platform will direct passengers to the new pickup locations for each route. For questions or trip planning assistance, please call C-TRAN at 360-695-0123.