Trip Planner Help

C-TRAN's online trip planner is now powered by Google Maps. The trip planner shows you step-by-step how to reach your destination using buses, MAX Light Rail and the Portland Streetcar and plots your trip on a familiar Google map. Just tell us where you're starting and where you're going, and we'll do the rest.

Your customized trip itinerary will show you:

  • which bus or train to catch
  • when and where to board
  • when and where to transfer, if necessary
  • how long your trip will take
  • walking directions to and from your stop(s)
  • alternate trips, if available
  • zoomable route maps

For more deatiled information, click the stop icon on the map or zoom into the map to reveal NextRide stop ID numbers. Trip Planner itineraries are estimates based on the vehicle's average speed and the distance between major stops. Service may be affected by traffic, construction, accidents or weather conditions. Please call C-TRAN Passenger Service at (360) 695-0123 to get real-time arrival information and updates on any current service alerts.

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