Vanpool Policies

Vanpool Basics

A Vanpool is formed when a group of commuters decide to share a ride to work. They meet at a central location at an agreed upon time and commute to and from work. The vehicle they drive is leased from C-TRAN and the monthly fare they pay covers all the fuel, maintenance, insurance, and other things needed to make it work. Some of the commuters volunteer to drive and are trained by C-TRAN.

Each vanpool group must register their commute trip with C-TRAN including where it starts and ends, and the path the van is supposed to travel. Each van is equipped with GPS so that trips can be monitored.

By sharing the cost of commuting, vanpool users save themselves a considerable amount of money. When comparing the cost of a single commuter versus the shared cost between vanpool commuters, the benefit is immediately obvious. Vanpool rates cover both fixed costs like insurance, and variable costs like maintenance, that is based on the number of miles traveled. Vanpool rates are calculated by dividing the sum of fixed and variable costs between all the users of the van.

C-TRAN offers two different sizes of vans, 7 passenger minivans and 12 passenger full size vans. Vans are serviced on 5000 mile intervals and C-TRAN staff coordinate with vanpool drivers to get the van in for maintenance. A spare van is provided. When maintenance is complete, C-TRAN staff coordinates the van exchange.

C-TRAN does not require a vanpool contract. Vanpools operate on a month-to-month basis. Monthly fares are paid in advance and begin on the 1st working day of each month. Vanpool users are asked to notify C-TRAN by the 15th of the month if they plan to terminate their lease at the end of that month.

Vanpool Benefits

Vanpool is a mode of transit that benefits everyone. Some of the benefits are: 

  • An affordable ride;
  • A safe, relaxed, reliable commute;
  • Less wear and tear on a personally owned vehicle;
  • Potentially lower insurance rates on personally owned vehicles; and
  • Personal satisfaction for easing traffic congestion and air pollution.

The community will also benefit from the vanpool program in the following ways:

  • Reduced traffic congestion;
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Lower environmental impact; and
  • The money saved on sharing your ride may be spent locally.

Vanpool policies are subject to change without prior notice.