How Do I Start?

  1. Talk to co-workers. Find at least four additional people who have a similar commute and want to save money by sharing the ride with you. You can also use ride matching services (Rideshare Online or  Clark County Commute) that matches you electronically with other commuters.
  2. Find drivers. From your group of commuters, find two or more volunteers with good driving records. One driver is “primary” and the other is “backup.” All drivers must complete a free Van Driver Orientation provided through C-TRAN. Driver orientations are typically held on an as-needed basis; either on weekends or in the evening during the week. Other orientations may be added as-needed.
  3. Call us. Once you have enough commuters, it’s time to call C-TRAN’s Vanpool Program at (360) 906-7510. Members must pay the monthly fare in advance based on a flat administrative fee plus a mileage charge. This covers the capital cost, fuel, maintenance, and insurance.
  4. Relax! That’s all there is to forming a vanpool! Other than some paper work to complete, including a contract that all members must sign, you’re ready to start saving.

There's Help!

If you are having trouble finding riders, visit Ride Share Online to help match you with fellow commuters. C-TRAN is also able to provide flyers or coordinate marketing events with your employer, and those nearby, to find additional riders. If you have questions, give us a call at 360-906-7510.