Express Service Impacted Due to Protests Friday, 1/20

In response to large protests planned in downtown Portland on Friday, January 20, C-TRAN is currently planning to adjust Express routes during the afternoon commute. Buses will not serve downtown Portland after 2:30 p.m. Instead, buses will serve MAX railheads at Delta Park and Parkrose. C-TRAN will make the following changes to Express service as part of Friday’s afternoon commute:

  • Route 105 will continue running in downtown Portland until approximately 2:30 p.m. Extra buses will be made available as needed.
  • Route 164 will serve only its first departure from downtown Portland at 2:30 p.m., with extra buses as needed, then provide service to Parkrose.
  • Route 177 will be suspended for the afternoon. Passengers may use MAX, then C-TRAN Routes 65 and 80 to reach Evergreen Transit Center in the afternoon.

All Express routes will operate normally in downtown Portland on Friday morning. Routes 157 and 190 will operate normally during both the morning and afternoon commute.

C-TRAN is pre-emptively taking these measures to ensure safety, provide reliable transportation and avoid potentially serious service disruptions. This plan may be subject to change as conditions warrant. C-TRAN will closely monitor the activity downtown and provide additional updates through the day as needed.

Thanks very much for your patience.

January 8 Service Change: The Vine, New Route 73

On January 8, 2017, the following service alterations will be implemented:

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Snow Route Information for 2016-2017

TheVine Horiz 

Using The Vine During Adverse Weather Events

During declared adverse weather events, the Vine may be serviced by 40-foot buses. Drivers will stop at the nearest safe location adjacent to Vine stations. To ensure safety, customers will board and deboard through the front doors only.

Download a PDF of C-TRAN's most recent Snow & Ice Brochure, plus get some helpful tips for planning your trip during bad weather.

Snow and Ice Brochure Cover

Brochures are also available on your bus or from any C-TRAN Customer Service Office. For questions or trip planning assistance, please call (360) 695-0123.

Snow and Ice Safety

During inclement weather, all C-TRAN routes will likely be delayed. Please plan ahead and remember these important safety tips before venturing out:

  • Wear extra warm clothing. Buses may be delayed or your snow route may require a longer walk than usual to reach the closest stop.
  • Wear or carry something reflective so your driver can see you. Pick up your green safety light from any C-TRAN Customer Service Office, located at Van Mall or Fisher's Landing transit centers.
  • Stay on the curb. Buses may slide before coming to a complete stop.
  • SafeStop—during inclement weather, passengers may request a stop anywhere along their route as safety allows.

We appreciate your patience!

Reminder: Have Current Passes Ready Before Riding

In recent months, a number of C-TRAN riders have attempted to board buses with outdated individual tickets and passes that are no longer valid.

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Learn About Hop Fastpass!

Our new state-of-the-art electronic fare payment system is coming in 2017. 

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